Ten LA County Courts to Close

No it is not because there are fewer law suits or less crime. Budget cuts have forced ten Los Angeles County courthouses to be closed in the next eight months. These courts include Beverly Hills, West LA, and Malibu, which means defendants and litigants will have their cases transferred to other venues. According to presiding judge Smalley Edmon, this will only mean longer lines and slower calendars at the existing courts. 

Beverly Hills Court has been the site of Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., and Lindsey Lohan’s respective cases.  The move is expected to save $70 million.

Local Crime Stats: Reseda

While crime in Los Angeles has been generally trending down for the past two years, one survey of violent crimes (such as assaults, robberies, and rapes) shows a considerable increase for the Reseda community in just this past week.  For the week ending August 30, 2012, there were 11 violent crimes.  This is about three times the normal rate.


A quick scan of the times at which many of these crimes reveals that many of the thefts not surprisingly occur after 8 p.m.

Sometimes We Panic

It happens. We take our eyes off the road for that split second and then – bam! That might be the sound of a collision with another car, a bicyclist, a hydrant, or even a pedestrian. In hundredths of a second, our adrenaline kicks in, and we are confronted with significant moral and ethical questions. Maybe you hit a parked car and no one was around to see, so you decide to keep driving. Maybe you grazed the bumper of a car turning in front of you and you think to yourself, “That didn’t seem like it will leave much damage.”

That is wishful thinking, and it can often lead to significant hardships when officers show up and start asking questions. Whether you fled the scene because of panic or ignorance, you are required to stop and exchange license and insurance information with the driver of another car. If the car you hit is parked, you are required to leave your contact information on a note.

I have handled many hit-and-run cases where the driver, my client, sped off since they panicked. What they failed to consider is that the victim pursued them and noted their license plates. At that point, the victim is expecting restitution and our strategy was to seek what is called a civil compromise. These types of negotiations are always delicate, and you are best served by having legal counsel handle this process.

I have numerous hit-and-run clients who I have helped over the years. You can read my reviews on Avvo.com. If you are looking for an attorney in this matter, please call my office for a free consultation.

What Not To Do When You Get Arrested

I have been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney for over fourteen years. The hardest cases to defend and the easiest ones to prosecute are the ones where the person arrested starts talking. Consider the case where someone in cuffs tells the arresting officer, “How can that guy identify me? The robbers were wearing masks!” The police officer will simply look at that person, smile, and respond, “Oh really, and how would you know what these robbers were wearing?”

Police officers have the legal right to lie to a suspect in order to get an admission. For instance, if a pair of suspects are in custody, officers can separate them and pit one against the other by claiming the other is making a deal for their freedom by incriminating the other whether it’s true or not.

An officer might play the “good cop” who only wants to get a few details. Those details can often times be the difference between your freedom or jail. You are not doing yourself any favors when you discuss your drug crime, DUI, petty theft, hit-and-run, domestic violence, or shoplifting arrest with an officer. Like the movies say, anything you say will be held against you.

If you have been arrested, you do not want to talk to the police. You want to call for representation. Our offices can help. The sooner you call and ask for me, the sooner I can begin handling your case. My clients will all agree that the sooner I get involved, the more likely you’ll have a favorable outcome.